Our History

Mammoth Skull

Morrison Natural History Museum was founded to interpret and preserve the dramatic Earth history of Morrison, Colorado and the greater Front Range. The building itself is an experiment in reuse, combining the condemned cabin of a local rancher with new materials. The museum opened its doors as a private non-profit on October 26th, 1989.

 Since 1995, the Museum has been proudly operated by the Town of Morrison. Visitor’s admission fees, gift shop sales and grants help the town of fewer than 425 residents to offer the educational services provided by the Museum. To further support the Town’s endeavor, a foundation was created to support the Museum’s mission in 2005.

 Recently, the Morrison Natural History Museum has received international acclaim for its fossil discoveries at the historic dinosaur dig sites along Dinosaur Ridge. These excavations have yielded a treasure trove of fossils, including infant dinosaur tracks. The Museum’s dig crew continues in the tradition of exploring local outcrops for clues to Colorado’s ancient past.Today the Morrison Natural History Museum serves thousands of visitors to Morrison each year with exhibits that chronicle local life history. 

Come and explore the cabin that is packed with a growing collection of natural history wonders.